blood vessel that conveys blood from the heart to any part of the body.


group of trace elements and vitamins (e.g., selenium, Vitamin C), which support the functioning of the immune system


inhibitors of the hormone estrogen produced naturally in the body. Instead of the estrogen they bond to its hormone receptors and play an important role in the treatment of breast or prostate cancer


part of the body´s own defense system; antibodies and even cancer cells foreign and the body´s own substances such as e.g. toxic agents and viruses and neutralize them.

Active endogenous fever therapy

treatment method that leads to immune stimulating effects inside the body e. g. by medically induced fever, which may lead to cell death and inhibition of growth as well as to an increased response to chemo and radiation therapy.

Adjuvant therapy

any „complementary“ form of therapy. If after the previous therapy a -> tumor is no longer detectable, the presence of individual tumor cells can, however, not be excluded, an adjuvent therapy is employed, e. g. with -> hormones (= adjuvant hormone therapy) -> antiestrogens -> cytostatics


belly, upper / lower venter