After his medical studies 1984 at the University of Heidelberg and Edinburgh in Scotland he completed his doctorate at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg in 1984 in immunologic therapies of cancer.

Afterwards he specialized  in internal medicine and oncology at the University hospital of Heidelberg and worked as senior and later head physician numerous oncological hospitals.

To improve the results of conventional treatment he realized at an early stage that hyperthermia is an ideal complementary treatment to increase the efficiency of chemotherapy and radiation. He further developed this method to the actual state of art including superficial, local and (extreme) whole body hyperthermia.

He also developed a program of scientifically researched complementary treatments to support the immune system, to reduce side effects of chemotherapy and radiation but also to improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

In several publications and lectures the results of his treatments were presented  nationally just as well as internationally.

For more than 20 years he is the head physician of his own independent private hospital specialized on the treatment of cancer patients using integrative and holistic concepts. In this concept conventional treatments but also hyperthermia and complementary treatments are offered.

Besides cancer also other chronic internal diseases are treated (e.g. Lyme disease and others).

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Herzog is professor at the university of Sevilla in Spain, however, he also gives lectures at the University of Gießen about oncology and complementary medicine.

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Herzog
Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Herzog