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01 May 2021 – One of the medical nurses of the Hospital Dr. Herzog, Mrs. Eva Maile, reports on the long time effects of her overcome Covid-19 infection, in an article of the BILD newspaper. You can find the article under the following link (german language): „No Taste 5 Months after Corona Infection: I can't distingiush between Water and Juice“ (BILD+: with costs | Author: o.V.)

21 March 2021 – Prof. Dr. Herzog gave an interview to the BILD newspaper regarding the indirect impacts of the Corona Pandemic on cancer patients. You can find the article under the following link (german language): „Onkologist raises the Alarm: More Cancer Deaths due to Corona – Many Patients find it harder to get Treatment and are afraid of Clinics and Medical Practices“ ( no costs| Author: Kai Franzke Jr.)



Newsletter 01/2021

In complementary medicine, as in all areas of medical treatments, therapy results have to be corroborated by scientific study. As complementary therapies are usually not offered at university clinics, doctoral candidates of the University of Gießen have analysed and evaluated therapy results of integrative medicine in our Special Hospital Dr. Herzog in the course of their doctoral thesis.

The first of two doctoral theses has just been completed and analyses the reasons why women with breast cancer refuse conventional treatments such as operations, chemo therapy or radiation therapy. In her dissertation Mrs. Dr. med. (MD) Schleicherdt analysed 233 patients and also interviewed a number of patients. The complete dissertation has been published and can be found following this link into the GEB - Gießen Electronic Library (scroll down for an english abstract).

Summarised it can be said that it is not a good idea to decline an operation with operatable breast cancer and to completely refuse conventional treatments. Alternative methods do not keep what they often promise.

Depressing are the results of the interviews. Patients refuse promising conventional treatments mostly because they do not feel sufficiently elucidated by their treating physicians, and also not about the success chances of complementary / alternative treatments for the support of their convalescence. Treating physicians have it in their hand to guide a patient to a promising therapy and to fitting complementary treatment options by giving a good consultation!

Fortunately in the last years I am noticing a change in healthcare. More and more medical congresses have parts of their lectures about complementary treatment procedures, like for example about Hyperthermia, about treatment possibilities to strengthen the immune system, to reduce chemo-therapy induced side effects and to improve or rather to keep the quality of life of the patient.

A second doctoral thesis is shortly before being finished. It will analyse the survival time of cancer patients, who got complementary treatments in addition to conventional cancer therapy. We are expecting interesting results. Soon I will report them to you.

Stay healthy!

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Herzog
Chief Physician



In the german journal "Die Naturheilkunde", issue 03/2021, an article of Prof. Dr. Herzog was published. The article is on the state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment procedures of the Long-Covid-Syndrome and discusses two case studies. You can find this article as a PDF-file here (german language): "Das lange Leiden beim Long-Covid-Syndrom – Diagnostik, konventionelle und komplementäre Therapie"

Prof. Dr. Herzog held a speech at a congress in Sevilla (Spain) on the 22nd of February 2019 about complimentary treatment option for cancer. For this he created a PowerPoint-Presentation in the spanish language, which can be found following this link: "Terapias alternativas - Seville 2019"

The german naturopathy journal "Die Naturheilkunde" published one of Prof. Dr. Herzog's articles in her 01/2019 issue. In this article he discusses widespread alternative cancer treatments and how to identify frivolous alternative methods. You can find the german-language article here: "Falsche Hoffnung – gefährliche Hoffnung: Über das dünne Eis alternativer Therapien bei Krebs"

The german Naturheilkunde Journal published an article of Prof. Dr. Herzog in it's October 2018 issue. In it he introduces his readers to hyperthermia as a treatment option and discusses several case examples. You can find the german-language article as a PDF-file behind this link: "Hyperthermie in der Onkologie - Wann sinnvoll und wann verzichtbar"