Prof. Dr. Herzog held a speech at a congress in Sevilla (Spain) on the 22nd of February 2019 about complimentary treatment option for cancer. For this he created a PowerPoint-Presentation in the spanish language, which can be found following this link: „Terapias alternativas – Seville 2019“

The german naturopathy journal Die Naturheilkunde published one of Prof. Dr. Herzog’s articles in her 01/2019 issue. In this article he discusses widespread alternative cancer treatments and how to identify frivolous alternative methods. You can find the german-language article here: „Falsche Hoffnung – gefährliche Hoffnung: Über das dünne Eis alternativer Therapien bei Krebs“

The german Naturheilkunde Journal published an article of Prof. Dr. Herzog in it’s October 2018 issue. In it he introduces his readers to hyperthermia as a treatment option and discusses several case examples. You can find the german-language article as a PDF-file behind this link: „Hyperthermie in der Onkologie – Wann sinnvoll und wann verzichtbar“