Hospital Dr. Herzog has an experience of many years in the treatment of patients with chronic infections like Lyme disease. Lyme disease may create a wide range of severe symptoms like pain, weakness, neurological problems and many others. These symptoms may ruin the quality of life, sometimes resulting in endless suffering. Many patients with Lyme disease loose their job; some even end up in a wheel chair. In school medicine, Lyme disease is in controversial discussion and in some countries not even considered as a disease.

„Bulls-eye rash“ as sometimes first symptom of Lyme disease.

Germany fortunately is a country where Borreliosis in all stages is seen as a disease and treatments for all stages of this disease are available immediately. Even preventive treatment of Borreliosis is done after a tick-bite.

The longer Lyme disease lasts the more difficult will be the treatment as substantial damage of nerves or other organs may happen. In addition patients often have side effects from unsuccessful antibiotic treatments.

The strategy of the treatment of Lyme disease in the hospital of Dr. Herzog is a special combination of treatments to attack the Borrellia and at the same time to increase the activity of the immune system.

With extreme whole body hyperthermia the sensitivity of Borrelia is increased against antibiotic treatments. Special i.v. antibiotics are adapted individually to the patients condition and to pretreatments, also depending on possible co- infections.

At the same time different complementary treatments are performed to strengthen the immune system and to improve the quality of life again. These are treatments like infusions with high doses of antioxidants and vitamins, infusions with homeopathic medications for detoxification, immunomodulation with thymus peptides, magnetic field therapy, ozone therapy, oxygen therapy and physiotherapy.

Using this treatment program we have a high success rates in patients with Lyme disease.

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