Superficial hyperthermia is a special type of local hyperthermia. It is used for superficial tumors or metastases in skin or superficial tissues. Types of cancer for superficial hyperthermia would be skin cancer (e.g. malignant melanoma) or skin metastases of different cancers, e.g. breast cancer with superficial spread along the chest wall.

To perform superficial hyperthermia the tumor tissue is heated up by water filtered infrared radiation with penetration up to 10mm. This treatment can be combined with chemotherapy as well as with radiation.

Conventional treatments

Conventional treatment means application of conventional methods adapted to the individual problems according to the latest research findings. Tumor destruction and treatment of medical conditions is crucial for success, particularly in advanced diseases methods used are:



  • Curative and palliative chemotherapy
  • Immunological treatment methods with cytokines or monoclonal antibodies or immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • Antihormone treatments
  • Medical pain therapy
  • Nutritional therapy including TPN (I.V. total parenteral nutrition)
  • Supportive treatments including blood transfusions
  • Intensive treatment in oncological emergencies
  • Cooperation with specialists of the near-by university hospitals, e.g. regional chemotherapy, Gammaknife radiation, stent implantation and others
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