For a long time, it is known that cancer cells are more sensitive against heat than healthy cells. Heating up tumor tissue results in production of so-called heatshock proteins which induce immunologic reactions against tumor cells.

Repair mechanisms in tumor tissues after chemotherapy or after radiation are disturbed by hyperthermia. If chemotherapy and/or radiation is performed in combination with hyperthermia these treatments are significantly more efficient.

Using local hyperthermia the tissue of tumors or metastases are heated up by short wave- irradiation with 13,56MH and an energy up to 150 Watts locally. The penetration depth of modern devices is about 20cm. In the treated tumor tissue temperatures above 42°C may be reached, while healthy cells tolerate this heat without problems malignant cells get damaged.

Local hyperthermia is tolerated very well. Side effects are rare. During the treatment the patient is resting relaxed on a heated water bed. Therefore this treatment can also be used for weak patients with advanced disease.

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