Picture: Dr. Vogel
Cyberknife Center Frankfurt

Special treatments in cooperation with surrounding University Hospitals:

Often cancer patients need for a special problem individual and specific solutions. By our cooperation with the surrounding University hospitals in Frankfurt, Gießen and Marburg we can offer nearly every type of special therapy (e.g. regional chemotherapy/embolization, Cyberknife-radiation, implantation of port systems or stent systems).

Together with specialists from the German University we can get on short notice special treatments above for our patients.
For example in patients with brain metastases it is often preferred to perform a focused radiation with Cyberknife instead of radiating the total brain and risking brain damage.

In regional chemoperfusion /embolization a chemotherapy can be injected directly into the tumor and metastatic tissues by introducing a catheter into the blood (artery) vessel which feeds the tumor. With this method significantly lower doses of chemo therapy can be used as the local concentration of chemotherapy in the tumor tissue is much higher than after injecting the chemotherapy into a vein.

Stent implantations can help to bridge obstructed areas in the esophagus, stomach and bowel tract but also in the bile duct and urethras.
Implanting a port system can be helpful in patients with difficult veins to get infusions without damaging the vein system further.

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