In our hospital we offer an integrative and holistic treatment program to treat cancer and other diseases. In the center of treatments is the individual patient and not the “tumor”. In addition to conventional cancer therapies (e.g. chemotherapy, hormone therapy, pain therapy), and kinds of hyperthermia complementary ways of treatment like biological cancer therapy, naturopathy, psychology, sports therapy and nutritional therapy are used.

The methods we apply have the goal to strengthen the bodies self defense mechanisms, particularly the immune system, and to improve the patient’s general well-being:

  • All methods of classical naturopathy.
  • Biological cancer therapy (unspecific immune stimulation by mistletoe lectines, standardized thymus peptides, enzyme therapy, orthomolecular therapy, oxygen multi-step therapy, special methods of autohemotherapy, ozonetherapy).
  • Active endogenous fever therapy.
  • Detoxifying methods (intestinal purgation/sanitation, coffee enemas, colon hydrotherapy, antioxidants, therapeutic fasting).
  • Nutritional therapy, special dietetics.
  • Treatments with herbal extracts.
  • Physio therapy including lymphdrainage and massage, massage of foot reflex zones.
  • Breathing therapy and sports therapy.
  • Neural therapy.
  • Homeopathy.
  • Psycho oncological therapy methods like art therapy and meditation.

These complementary methods of treatment have proven to be of particular value:

  • To increase the therapeutic effects of conventional methods.
  • To reduce the side effects of conventional therapies as much as possible.
  • To preserve therapeutic successes.
  • To activate the immune system and other defense mechanisms of the body thus furthering the faculties of self-healing.
  • To detoxify.
  • To increase physical fitness.
  • To improve the chances of recovery.
  • To restore quality of life.

These treatments have proven their use and value in the past years. They to activate their self regeneration processes, improve the chances of cure and improve the strength of the body.

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