Unfortunately by traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation the immune system is frequently damaged resulting in general weakness, risk of infection and risk of fast progression of the cancer disease after terminating the chemotherapy.

Biological cancer therapy means treatment methods which in contrast to chemotherapy support the body by natural means to fight better against the disease. These treatments mainly focus on the immune system which plays an important role in the control of cancer growth.

Treatments used are infusions with high doses of antioxidants and vitamins, infusions with homeopathic medications for detoxification, immunomodulation with thymus peptides, magnetic field therapy, ozone therapy, oxygen therapy and physiotherapy.

Also thymus peptides or mistletoe extracts can be given to support the immune system.

Thymus peptides (thymus hormones) are of importance for the regeneration and maturation of T-cell lymphocytes. These T-cell lymphocytes are necessary for any kind of immune response against tumor cells and also to remove dead tumor tissue.

Chemotherapy often reduces the number of T-cell lymphocytes. Studies have shown that support with thymus peptides maintains the function of the immune system during and after chemotherapy reducing the frequency of infections and helping to maintain the quality of life.

Mistletoe extracts stimulate the immune system with a dose dependent response. Mistletoe rather is used after termination of chemotherapy.

Mistletoe treatment requires an individual program and dose for every patient and serves more as maintenance therapy after successful conventional therapy. Studies also have shown a better quality of life in patients treated with mistletoe extracts.

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