Therapy concept

To achieve the best possible results we follow an integrative and holistic therapy concept. We believe it is of particular importance to introduce various treatments of cancer as early as possible in form of supportive and complementary treatments (e.g. of biologic cancer therapy and naturopathy. Our concept includes:

  • Biologic cancer therapy (immune stimulation with mistletoe lectines , standardized thymus peptides, treatment with enzymes, orthomolecular therapy, autohemo therapy like ozone therapy or oxygen multistep therapy)
  • Several methods of classical natural medicine
  • Detoxifying treatments (colon hydro therapy, antioxidants, therapeutic fasting, coffee enemas)
  • Special oncological physiotherapy including massage, lymphatic drainage, breathing exercise and sports therapy.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine (e.g. acupuncture, acupressure)
  • Homeopathy
  • Psychological treatment methods including creativity workshop and meditation

These complementary treatment methods have proven:

  • To increase the therapeutic effect of conventional treatments.
  • To minimize side effects of conventional treatments.
  • To maintain treatment success.
  • To improve quality of life.
  • To activate the immune system and self healing mechanisms.
  • To detoxify
  • To improve physical performance
  • To improve the chance of recovery
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