Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Herzog
Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Herzog

We are here to help you!

Cancer patients in all stages of their disease come to our hospital. People with hope, people who together with us are searching for ways to look ahead with confidence and optimism again. The courses of disease can not be predicted statistically. It is rather important to find for every patient an individual strategy of treatment.

Using alone modern technics of conventional medicine to destroy tumor cells is not taking into a account  enough the individual patient as a whole. To strengthen also the body to fight the disease  we use in addition a wide range of complementary treatments of biological cancer therapy and naturopathy to support the immune system and to improve the quality of life.

A main focus of our therapeutic concept are the different techniques of hyperthermia which in prudent coordination are combined with our other treatment methods.

Our general principal is that cancer therapy shouldn’t harm the patient more than the disease itself. For that reason we always take care for the quality of life because: „Every day lived with joy is infinitely precious ! “


„Every day lived with joy is infinitely precious ! “

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